• Who need Visa to Vietnam ?

    There are some exceptions that citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa:

    + Nearly all citizens of ASEAN member-countries do not need a Vietnam visa if they are visiting the country with each different period.

    + Passport holders from Korea, Japan, Russia and the Scandinavian nations do not need a visa to Vietnam if they intend to stay in the country within 15 days.

    And other exeptions with different conditions. 

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  • How Visa Vietnam works?

    For the purpose of making your trip to Vietnam more convenient, the Vietnam Immigration Department has implemented a modern electronic system for processing your Vietnam visa "Vietnam business visa or Vietnam tourist visa" upon arrival at international airports in the country. Therefore, you can get your Vietnamvisa fast and simple without having to send your passport to the Vietnam Embassy. Please note that this system works at the Airports only and you just take 3 steps and you can apply a visa sucessfully.

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  • Vietnam General Information

    Vietnam now open and welcome all travellers and business people to Vietnam. Thanks to that, getting visa to Vietnam now very easy and simple. There is a new way to get visa to Vietnam very simple and easy but rarely one know about it. That is getting "Visa approval letter" with code for picking up visa upon arrival Vietnam at international airport (Tan Son Nhat int'l airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Noibai int'l airport in Hanoi Capital city and Danang int'l airport in Danang city).

    With simple and easy way for getting Vietnamese visa, why you do'nt take a trip to Vietnam for discovering the hidden charm of Vietnam, a beautiful country and friendly people.

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  • How to settle the payment?

    First of all, please note that we charge you for our service fee only, the fee for the arrangement of the pre-approved letter for picking up your visa-upon-arrival at Vietnam airports. Once again, our fee is exclusive of the stamped fee amount, which will be paid directly at the airport when you pick up your Vietnam travel visa. Please Click here to see our charge fee.

    We offer 4 methods of payment:

    1. Settle the payment through credit cards with the Gate2Shop ( gate option

    2. Settle the payment via Paypal (www.Paypal.Com).

    3. Settle the payment via Western Union.

    4. Settle the payment via bank transfer EximBank.

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  • What is service fee?

    Serviced fee as you may also see in the Service fee column is the fee we charge for arranging the "Visa approval letter" for picking up your visa-upon-arrival at any Vietnam airport.

    Unless you already have valid Vietnam travel visa stamped on your passport, you must have "Visa approval letter" at hand for picking up your visa-upon-arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

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  • What is the stamping fee?

    Stamp fee, as you see in Service fee column, is the fee you have to pay in cash directly at the airport when you pick up your visa there.

    You must prepare in cash USD for paying stamp fee when you pick up your visa at Vietnam airport. Here after the tariff you can consider to prepare the money.

    Once again, you must paid in cash and prepare cash for this amount because you can not pay by credit cards for this amount at the airport & there is no ATM in this area at the airport.

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  • Where to get the visa stamp?

    We arrange visa upon arrival at the airport for those entering Vietnam by air & wish to get visa at the airport, and therefore your visa must be picked up at the airport. You should contact Vietnamese embassy to get visa if you NOT entering Vietnam by air.

    You must have pre-approved letter from Vietnam Immigration Department allow you pick up your visa upon arrival at the airport. Without this letter you can not boarding the airplane & get visa when you arrive.

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  • Need a single or multiple entries visa?

    First of all, we would like to inform you that our visa service available at the airport only. Therefore your visa must be picked up at the airport of Vietnam when you arrive if you use our visa service.

    Warning : You should contact Vietnamese embassy to get visa if you NOT entering Vietnam by air.

    Please consider our advice below to decide single or multiple entries visa.

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  • Download form

    After you fill the form online & settle the payment successfully, we will send you pre-approved letter for picking up your visa upon arrival at the airport. Please make sure you must have the pre-approved letter & print it out for boarding the airplane

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  • What is approval letter for Vietnam visa?

    Obviously you can apply by yourself for getting the approval letter or getting vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy. But applying Vietnam visa at embassy is not a good solution for those have no time and no Vietnam embassy available.

    However, there is an economic and convinent way by applying the pre-pproved letter for vietnam visa through a travel agent in Vietnam. One of busineses of travel agents is arranging visa for their clients, they will know the way to arrange vietnam visa with best service and competitive price. Normally, after 2 days you will get the approval letter for Vietnam visa as you requested.

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